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Why is Machine Vision Lighting Important?

With the development of industrial automation, the state strongly supports technological innovation and transformation. With the adjustment of China's factory structure, survival of the fittest, most industries have also undergone adjustments from low-end to high-end.

The application of machine vision measurement is becoming more and more popular with people's development, including the measurement and positioning of workpiece size, surface quality inspection, and identification recognition, and is applied to industries such as electronics and semiconductors. The core technologies of machine vision include positioning, detection, measurement, and recognition.

Types of machine vision light sources

The commonly used types of machine vision light sources are: LED, fluorescent, and halogen lamps. LED light sources have long life, various colors, and can be made into various complex shapes, with even and stable light beads and can achieve frequency flash. Fluorescent lamps have a uniform light field, cheap price, and higher brightness than LED light sources. Halogen lamps have particularly high brightness and can be transmitted through optical fibers.

Why is machine vision light source important?

  • Good lighting is halfway to success.

  • The light source modulates the target information and then transmits it to the detector.

  • The light received by the detector must contain enough information to separate the main feature information that needs to be detected and make it easy for the processor to distinguish them.

  • Our goal is to maximize the detected features while suppressing other features (noise).

Factors driving the development of the machine vision light source industry

  • User demand for improving product quality and maintaining product consistency.

  • User demand for improving production efficiency, reducing waste, and reducing costs.

Why use machine vision light sources?

  • Save time.

  • Reduce production costs.

  • Optimize logistics processes.

  • Shorten machine downtime.

  • Improve productivity and product quality.

  • Reduce the workload of testing and inspection personnel.

  • Reduce the number of unqualified products.

  • Improve machine utilization.

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