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Does the Machine Vision Light Source Have a Great Impact on the Machine Vision System?

The role of the machine vision light source in the machine vision system is crucial, and the color selection of the light source is the first consideration in the machine vision system.

1. The role of machine vision light source

Let's first understand that the role of the machine vision light source in the machine vision system is to maximize the difference between the features to be measured and the background of the object to be measured.

Only in this way can the features be obvious, high contrast, high difference, and the best quality images can be obtained. The selection accuracy of the color of the machine vision light source can often determine the success or failure of the entire machine vision system.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the most suitable light source color. Today, there is no universal machine vision light source, so it is necessary to select the light source color that can best identify the image features for different measured objects.

2. The color of the machine vision light source

The three primary colors of light, red (R), green (G), and blue (B), are complementary colors, while the three primary colors of color are cyan, purple, and yellow. All light can be combined in different proportions of the three primary colors of RGB.

When the light shines on the object to be measured, the object to be measured only reflects the same color light as its own, and the light of different colors does not reflect light at all on the object of complementary color.

The superposition of the three primary colors is white light, and the superposition of colors is black. Therefore, we can decompose the machine vision light source into the corresponding RGB three primary colors for analysis, and at the same time assume that the spectra of the RGB three primary colors do not overlap, and then analyze the RGB corresponding value suitable for the sensing area of the CCD camera, that is, the appropriate light source color.

In general, a clear image often depends on the contrast of the colors. If you want to get a clear image, you need the maximum contrast. On the contrary, if the contrast is small, the image features cannot be clearly obtained, and the picture is just gray.

Therefore, people who do not understand machine vision light sources think that it is enough to have a good system. In fact, it is not. It is necessary to choose a suitable machine vision light source. There are also special personnel to provide you with a solution for light source selection. If you need a deeper understanding of machine vision light sources, pay attention to us!

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