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The Advantages of Machine Vision System

1. The high social benefits of machine vision system

The main benefits of machine vision to society are: saving time; reducing production costs; improving productivity and product quality; reducing the labor intensity of testing and inspection personnel; reducing the number of unqualified products; improving machine utilization and so on.

2. The strong peripheral advantages of machine vision system

The history of the development of automation technology is the history of machines gradually replacing humans. The human brain, limbs, senses, and nerves correspond to CPU, motion control, sensors and networks respectively. However, in many cases, human vision is increasingly unable to meet the requirements. Compared with human vision, machine vision has the advantages of high speed, high precision, supervision, macrospur, objectiveness, no fatigue, and environmental restriction.

3. The wide applications of machine vision system

The advanced machine vision system is often used for measurement, inspection (such as presence detection, defective product detection, digital statistics, defect detection), positioning, identification (such as code reading, color recognition), etc.

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