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Quality Control

Quality Control

Canrill Quality Management System confirms to the standard of ISO9001:2015 in the production of industrial telecentric lens and accessory.

Our Quality Dept consists of 13 experienced persons, more than 13% share of the total personnel in Canrill, showing the importance of quality in Canrill’s whole system.

Quality Dept has four branches, IQC (Income Quality Control), IPQC (Input Process Quality Control), QA (Quality Assurance ), OQC (Outgoing Quality Control). Each branch works independently to make sure the excellent performance of telecentric lens.

  • [01]OQC(Outgoing Quality Control)

    Appearance (no scratches, aberration, white dot or dust), lens cone gap less than 0.1mm, no loose parts, sticker on both lens & box, accessory, desiccant, certificate of qualification, coaxial light

  • [02]Incoming Materials Acceptance

    Model name/quantity

  • [03]IQC Inspection

    Appearance, specification tolerance, oxidation, materials.

  • [04]Materials Put In Warehouse

    Differentiate qualified from unqualified, model name & quantity, in good package.

  • [05]Material Requisition & Assembly

    BOM list/Perfect appearance/ assemble according to drawings strictly, no missing screws, no missing glue.

  • [06]Package Inspection

    Quantity, appearance, sticker, accessory, box

  • [07]Finished Products Testing

    Clear images, no angle ambiguity/Working distance/Tele centricity/Distortion