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New Skills and Prospects for the Machine Vision

Rapid development in machine vision skills helps advance the needs and skills of today's machine vision integrators.

Ⅰ. New skills for the machine vision

1. 3D Imaging for the machine vision

Easier access to machine vision components that capture 3D information of the horizon. These devices vary widely in imaging methods and completion skills.

Integrators can use these devices for a variety of applications, including high-precision surface analysis, 3D part and feature measurement, and inspection using 3D image data instead of 2D grayscale information.

There is also the latest robot vision guidance, in which random products and even mixed, randomly stacked products can be picked out and grasped by the gripper.

2. A relatively new skill for the machine vision--Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging

These cameras collect multiple (sometimes hundreds) pictures of a single scene, each with different narrow-bandwidth spectral information.

In the hands of the machine vision system integrators who understand this technology, data dispersion, spectral analysis, and even the application of chemical components can be completed online. Many industries such as food, pharmaceutical and recycling can benefit from this detection capability.

3. Industrial applications of the machine vision require high-speed imaging and processing

Line scanning is a common technique for achieving higher imaging rates at high resolution, but the integration of these components can be more complex than for general area imaging applications. Likewise, high-speed imaging and processing are missions that require skilled integration.

4. Deep learning for the machine vision is becoming more and more popular

Although machine vision is not entirely new, machine learning and its latest completion, deep learning, are the latest buzzwords in the industry. This technology shows great potential in many application areas, although it requires a skilled integrator to confirm the feasibility and implementation parameters of deep learning for a specific mission.

Ⅱ. Prospects for the machine vision

It can be said that machine vision integration has now developed, just like the entire machine vision industry. On the basis of expanding applications, providing top-level processing solutions, machine vision integration has a broad prospect.

The savvy end-user needs to accept that the machine vision market has been, and will continue to be, a combination of skills and talents. No matter what the situation, system integrators will be the industry gatekeepers of the machine vision, and they will continue to improve themselves.

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