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The Features and Advantages of Traditional Machine Vision Inspection Systems Solutions

Due to the wide range of machine vision applications, different components are used in different systems. However, we can divide these components into the following categories: traditional machine vision inspection systems consist of computers (or interface cards), frame grabbers (analog or Digital interface), light source, machine vision lens, PC platform, detection software, and other components.

The features of PC-based machine vision system solutions:

1. Advantages

(1) Large storage capacity and more related software;

(2) Strong computer hardware processing capability;

(3) Image processing algorithms are easy to transplant and have good compatibility;

(4) The relevant hardware is relatively mature and easy to connect.

2. Other features of PC-based machine vision system solutions

(1) There are a large number of engineers based on PC development and a lot of technical accumulation;

(2) The system is bulky and occupies a lot of space in the industrial site;

(3) The operating system is huge and the instability increases;

(4) The power consumption is large, and there are also heat dissipation problems;

(5) Due to a large number of components, there will be more places where failures may occur, and reliability will be affected to a certain extent.

Correct selection of software: Software is the intelligent part of the machine vision inspection systems, and it is also the core part. The choice of software determines when you write debug tests, the performance of test operations, and more.

The performance of a machine vision system is determined by the poor parts, and the accuracy is determined by the information it can obtain. It takes time and effort to properly configure the system to build a fault-free and resilient vision inspection system.

The PC-based machine vision inspection systems still occupy most of the applications in the machine vision industry, and its suitable market segments mainly include occasions requiring strong image processing capabilities. Application site space is relatively large, suitable for inspection systems with complex structures. The application environment is relatively simple, with less external interference and vibration. It is controlled by someone, and there is no very strong requirement for stability.