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Machine Vision Applications in the Beverage and Food Packaging Industry

The emergence of machine vision detection

In modern packaging industry automation production, there are many detection and measurement tasks, such as the printing quality of beverage packaging characters, barcode recognition detection, product packaging detection, etc. The common features of these applications are continuous large-scale production and high requirements for appearance quality.

Usually, this kind of highly repetitive work relies on manual inspection. We can see hundreds of workers performing this task on the assembly line in some traditional processing factories, which brings huge labor and management costs and still cannot guarantee "zero defects". Therefore, the appearance of machine vision measurement has made up for this defect greatly.

As a populous country, China's food and beverage industry packaging technology is developing rapidly. According to statistics, there are no less than 8 million enterprises engaged in secondary packaging in China, which are distributed in various industries and regions. The pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries use packaging more frequently. With the increase of consumers' quality requirements and the upgrading of production line automation, machine vision detection has replaced a large number of repetitive manual inspection tasks.

What are the applications of machine vision detection in the food and beverage industry?

  • Inspection of outer packaging for boxed food and beverages: inspection of whether the outer packaging of boxed food and beverages is damaged, whether there are labels, and whether the production date characters are present.

  • Detection of liquid and bottle cap defects in transparent bottled beverages: detection of transparent bottled liquid level to ensure the consistency of canned beverages; detection of bottle cap packaging to reject defective products such as leakage and crooked caps;

  • Appearance inspection of canned beverages and canned food: inspection of pull-tab quality, production date, sequence number, etc. for canned beverages and canned food;

  • Counting of overall packaging: counting the overall packaging of bottled and boxed beverages to ensure the packaging quantity.

For food and beverage manufacturing enterprises, the higher the degree of their production automation, the stricter the requirements for product quality and production efficiency.

By adopting machine vision detection systems, stable and efficient product detection can be achieved, overcoming the shortcomings such as fatigue, individual differences, and poor repeatability of manual inspection, which can help enterprises improve product quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.  With the prevalence of machine vision inspection systems in the beverage and food packaging industry, machine vision optics is more and more popular in the market.

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