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Machine Vision Technology is Becoming More and More Important in the Precision Manufacturing Industry

Machine vision occupies an increasingly important position in the field of industrial inspection due to its high detection accuracy and speed, and its advantages of effectively preventing subjectivity and individual differences brought by manual inspection. Machine vision inspection technology greatly improves the efficiency of inspecting parts, and can perform data statistics and analysis on data of inspection.

Ⅰ. The development of machine vision system technology in the precision manufacturing industry

Machine vision systems are widely used to detect workpieces and find product defects in the consumption process, and are an ideal tool for producing good product and reducing costs.

Precision manufacturing technology refers to the general term for consumption technologies in production where there is a small margin or a margin after the blank of the part is formed, and the precision of the part is sub-micron level after the blank is processed. It is a comprehensive integration of near-net forming and near-defect-free forming technology, ultra-precision machining technology and ultra-fast machining technology.

Near-net forming and near-defect-free forming technology transforms the traditional blank forming technology, so that the blank forming of mechanical products is transformed from intensive to refined type, so that the internal quality has a margin or is close to a margin, and the external quality is free of defect or near-defect-free. And it can complete good, high-speed, lightweight, low-cost forming.

This technology involves casting forming, plastic forming, precise connection, heat treatment modification, surface modification, high-precision mold and other professional fields.

Ⅱ. The use of machine vision technology in manufacturing

(1) Measurement. It is usually used to detect length, straightness, stereo degree, verticality, etc.

(2) Detection. It can quickly and correctly detect product defect or flaws with high repeatability.

(3) Positioning. With the development of the semiconductor industry, the traditional positioning cannot meet the requirements in terms of accuracy and speed, so the application of machine vision technology to complete the positioning is more and more used.

With the continuous development of various new technologies and the increasing demand of the industry, machine vision technology will make good use of its effects and enjoy its capabilities, and will surely join hands with the manufacturing industry to achieve a win-win situation.

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