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Main Components of Machine Vision and Analysis of Detection Technology

1. The main components of machine vision

The machine is responsible for the movement and control of the machine, and the vision is realized through lighting sources, industrial lenses, industrial cameras, image acquisition cards, etc.; the system mainly refers to software, and can also be understood as a complete set of machine vision equipment.

The components of the machine vision system are mainly composed of the following modules: First, the machine vision light source, that is, the lighting source. The quality of the lighting source directly affects the quality of the input data and the application effect. For a specific application example, it is necessary to select the corresponding visual light source to achieve the best effect; followed by industrial lenses, the lens is mainly responsible for beam modulation and signal transmission in the machine vision system, generally according to the camera interface, object distance, shooting range, etc. factors in lens selection.

2. Introduction of machine vision inspection technology

Visual inspection is to use machines instead of human eyes for measurement and judgment. Visual inspection refers to converting the captured target into an image signal through machine vision products (that is, image capture device, divided into CMOS and CCD), and sending it to a dedicated image processing system. Digitized signals; the image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the on-site equipment actions according to the results of the discrimination. Is a valuable mechanism for production, assembly or packaging. It is invaluable in its ability to detect defects and prevent defective products from being shipped to consumers.

The feature of machine vision inspection is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. In some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual work or where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision; at the same time, in the process of mass industrial production, the efficiency and accuracy of using artificial vision to check product quality is low, the use of machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and production automation. Moreover, machine vision is easy to realize information integration, and it is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.

A typical industrial machine vision application system includes digital image processing technology, mechanical engineering technology, control technology, light source lighting technology, optical imaging technology, sensor technology, analog and digital video technology, computer software and hardware technology, human-machine interface technology, etc.