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The Application Market of Machine Vision

With the development of modern industrial automation, machine vision is widely used in various fields. The machine vision market has grown rapidly in recent years. High speed, miniaturization, low power consumption, and intelligent integration have become the development trend of the industry. The integration trend of industrial automation systems with other related fields is becoming more and more obvious.

1. The application requirements of modern automated production for machine vision

In modern industrial automation production, machine vision is involved in a variety of applications in inspection, measurement and part identification, such as automatic parts positioning in electronic assembly lines, dimensional inspection and automatic inspection of assembly integrity of automotive parts, barcode and character recognition on product packaging, printing quality inspection of beverage bottle caps, etc. The common feature of these applications is continuous batch production, which requires very high appearance quality.

Often, this highly repetitive and intelligent work can only be done by manual inspection. We often see hundreds or even thousands of inspection workers performing this process behind modern assembly lines in some factories. Although huge labor and management costs are added to the factory, we still cannot guarantee a 100% inspection pass rate (ie, zero defects), and today's competition among enterprises does not even allow 0.1% defects.

Machine vision is characterized by automation, objectivity, non-contact and high precision. Compared with general image processing systems, machine vision emphasizes accuracy, speed and reliability in industrial field environments.

Machine vision is very suitable for measurement, inspection and identification in mass production processes, such as part assembly integrity, assembly dimensional accuracy, part machining accuracy, position/angle measurement, part recognition, feature/character recognition, etc.

2. The industries with machine vision application

Electronics and Power, manufacturing, automotive, packaging/food/beverage, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. For example, rapid positioning of electronic components on high-speed placement machines, recognition of printed characters on IC surfaces, inspection of the number of pins, inspection of the machining accuracy of automobile dashboards, inspection of the number and damage of balls in bearing production, and identification of production date on food packaging as well as the inspection of label placement, and inspection of capsule wall thickness and cosmetic defects in capsule production.

At present, the application of machine vision system in the world is in the ascendant, and in China, the industrial machine vision system is still in the stage of concept introduction. After the production automation problem is solved, leading companies in various industries began to turn their attention to measurement automation of machine vision.

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