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Analysis of the Driving Factors of the Development of the Machine Vision System Industry

With the demand for machine vision skills in all walks of life, machine vision systems are beginning to appear in more and more industrial use scenarios. Specifically, what are the main driving factors for the development of the machine vision industry?

1. Machine vision has more advantages

In recent years, the quality and cost of China's labor force have gradually increased, and enterprises have been trying to transform and gradually eliminate outdated production methods, and enterprises' production methods have become increasingly intelligent.

Compared with artificial vision inspection, machine vision inspection has the advantages of high power, high precision, stable and reliable detection function, and convenient information integration.

Under the requirements of enterprise cost control and power improvement, the intelligent production of the industrial chain and the transformation of automated production lines have ushered in new development opportunities for enterprises and promoted the development of China's machine vision industry.

2. Policies to promote the development of the machine vision industry

With the development of the times, China's manufacturing industry has gradually moved towards globalization, informatization, specialization and service.

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to the development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and has continuously issued various policies to promote the development of the industry, fully supporting the product development and market expansion of the high-end equipment industry.

The high-end equipment production industry is the primary use of machine vision skills. The strict requirements of the high-end equipment production industry on accuracy require the support of machine vision skills. Therefore, various national policies promote the development of the machine vision industry.

3. The machine vision industry specifications are constantly drawn up

With the development of the machine vision industry, machine vision has been widely used, which also puts forward higher requirements for the implementation of machine vision.

In recent years, China has been continuously formulating machine vision-related specifications. Among them, the Machine Vision Industry Alliance released two group specifications, "Industrial Lens Terminology" and "Industrial Digital Camera Terminology" in August 2020, to further promote the formulation of China's machine vision specifications.

At the same time, the national standard "General Requirements for Online Inspection of Intelligent Manufacturing Machine Vision" is soliciting opinions, and the national standard "Measures for Online Inspection and Testing of Intelligent Manufacturing Machine Vision" is also being drafted.

4. Prospect analysis of machine vision development

Now in China, with the improvement of supporting infrastructure, the accumulation of skills and funds, the demand for industrial automation and intelligence using image and machine vision skills in all walks of life has begun to appear widely. Active thinking and bold attempts were made in the field of drawing and machine vision telecentric lens skills, and gradually began to be used in industrial sites.

Driven by favorable policies, China's machine vision industry is developing rapidly, and China is becoming one of the most active regions for international machine vision development. Canrill has been one of the most famous optical lens manufacturer in China who has distinctive advantages on telecentric len manufacturing and customization. Welcome to contact us for telecentric lens price.