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Applications of Machine Vision System in Daily Life

In modern industrial automation production, the application of machine vision systems includes various inspection, measurement and component recognition such as dimensional inspection of automotive parts and assembly check of automatic integrity, positioning of automatic assembly line of electronic components, printing quality inspection, the recognition of product packaging barcodes and characters, etc.

The common characteristics of the application of machine vision systems are continuous mass production and high requirements for appearance quality.

Ⅰ. How to produce machine vision

Usually repetitive and highly intelligent work can only be done by manual inspection. We often see hundreds or even thousands of workers in some factory assembly lines to perform this process. While the factory increases huge labor costs and management costs, it still cannot guarantee the inspection pass rate is 100%, and competition among enterprises does not even allow 0.1% of defects to exist.

Sometimes, human eyes can't recognize some subtle objects at all such as precise and rapid measurement of small sizes, shape matching, color recognition. And other physical measurement sensors are also difficult to use.

With the development of computer technology and Fieldbus technology, machine vision has become an indispensable product of modern processing and manufacturing. It is widely used in food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials and chemicals, metal processing, electronics manufacturing, packaging, automobile manufacturing and other industries.

The introduction of telecentric lens machine vision, instead of traditional manual inspection methods, has greatly improved the quality of products put on the market and improved production efficiency. With the maturity and development of machine vision technology itself, it can be expected that it will be more and more widely used in modern and future manufacturing companies.

Ⅱ. The principle of machine vision system

The machine vision system uses a CCD camera to convert the target into an image signal, and then transmits it to a dedicated image processing system. According to the pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information of the image, the image is converted into a digital signal. The image system performs various operations on these signals and extracts the characteristics of the target such as area, length, number, location and so on. Finally, it can realize the automatic recognition function according to preset tolerances and other conditions such as size, angle, offset, quantity, pass/fail, yes/no and so on.