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Common Application Scenarios of Machine Vision Detection Systems in Various Industries

Due to the wide application of machine vision, companies that need to identify and measure functions can basically replace manual visual inspection with machine vision. Therefore, the field of machine vision is becoming increasingly broad.

Consumer electronics is the main application field of machine vision.

Consumer electronics products have the characteristics of fast technological innovation and product iteration. The demand for quality of consumer electronics products has prompted the need for more efficient and precise machine vision inspection technology to improve production capacity and quality. According to data, the electronics industry is the industry that uses machine vision measurement systems most widely, accounting for about 50% of the demand for machine vision.

Currently, China has become the world's largest research and development and manufacturing base for consumer electronics products. In the consumer electronics industry chain, machine vision technology has basically covered the entire manufacturing process from components to finished products for automation, quality inspection, and measurement.

Additionally, machine vision penetration rate in applications such as connector inspection, PCB inspection, SMT, hard disk inspection, component online classification and selection, and QR code reading is gradually increasing.

Machine vision has huge development potential in the field of film.

In the field of film, machine vision technology, as a non-contact, high-precision, and high-speed production and testing technology, has been widely used in various film production processes.

Printing and packaging has become an important growth point for machine vision applications.

The packaging industry has high demands for printing quality. Packaging printing factories must have unique technical and quality advantages to meet industry-specific requirements for quality and color.

Currently, the fastest production speed of a printing machine has reached 800m/min. The detection accuracy is high, exceeding the limit of human recognition, and existing manual inspection cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, high-speed, high-precision, consistent, and stable machine vision inspection equipment must be used to ensure printing quality inspection requirements.

Machine vision has wide application in semiconductor inspection.

In the semiconductor field, machine vision has been applied to the detection of appearance defects, size, quantity, flatness, distance, positioning, calibration, solder quality, bending, etc., and is widely used in the detection, positioning, cutting, and packaging processes of wafer manufacturing and packaging testing.

With the rise of China's semiconductor industry and the upgrade of semiconductor technology, semiconductor vision equipment will undoubtedly be widely applied, and the development of domestic enterprises in China is enormous.

Due to the wide application of machine vision inspection in various industries, the market demand for related products, such as the illuminator machine, is increasing.

Additionally, machine vision is widely used in industries such as new energy and automobiles to improve work efficiency and product quality through machine vision systems.