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Machine Vision Systems Have Revolutionized the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing

1. The industry-oriented vision and image analysis technology of machine vision systems has gradually matured

With the promotion of flexible manufacturing systems and the development of technologies such as sensing and pattern recognition, vision and image technologies for industrial needs have gradually matured, and manufacturing information acquisition capabilities have been strengthened.

Machine vision and image technology are carried in smart hardware such as cameras, sensors, radars, etc., which can realize the acquisition and analysis of image information. Information expands from traditional single-dimensional data to multi-dimensional massive data including speed, size, chromatogram and other information, and is integrated with design information and processing control information to provide data support for subsequent production links such as monitoring of working conditions and quality inspection. The manufacturing information acquisition channels have been expanded, and the efficiency of information acquisition has been greatly improved.

2. The machine vision system combined with information network technology has spawned new service content

Information and communication technology continues to penetrate into the field of machine vision, and companies use the "information acquisition, data analysis" model to carry out service content innovation to assist in improving the intelligent level of production monitoring.

In terms of industrial applications, machine vision systems are generally used for item identification, appearance inspection and positioning. With the continuous development of information network technology, machine vision is combined with big data, cloud computing and other information network technologies to realize services after data acquisition. Function extension, new service content derived from simple production testing applications.

Companies have begun to use machine vision technology to obtain data and information, and use information network technology to carry out big data calculations, assist in equipment operation monitoring and product quality analysis, and promote the improvement of the intelligent level of production lines.

3. Embedded machine vision technology is applied in the field of industrial production

The demand for automation in the manufacturing industry is highlighted, which promotes the application of machine vision technology in the field of industrial production, and the automation system solutions are optimized. With the enhancement of image processing capability and speed, the improvement of optical device performance and the relative reduction of cost, machine vision has gradually been applied to the field of industrial production and has become an important part of the automation system.

With other functions such as logic control, motion control, data acquisition, and communication network, machine vision optics can complete image recognition, inspection, visual positioning, object measurement and sorting, etc., especially by embedding machine vision technology into industrial robot control system. Accurate identification and capture greatly improve the flexibility and flexibility of the production process, and the automation system solutions are optimized.