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What Are the Advantages of Introducing Machine Vision?

The machine vision system is the use of modern advanced control technology, computer technology and sensing technology, which manifests as the combination of light, electricity, and machine.

Ⅰ. The workflow of the machine vision

First of all, deliver the parts to the detection position. Then the visual transmitter is triggered when the photoelectricity or sensor senses the object. After that, illuminate parts to obtain images, and digitize the data, and then process images with visual software to and show whether the product is qualified. Finally, carry out discrete output, and display the defective product image and statistical information.

Machine vision make measurements and judgments with machines instead of human eyes. So what are the advantages of introducing machine vision?

Ⅱ. Advantages of machine vision system

1. Save time;

2. Reduce production costs;

3. Optimize logistics process;

4. Shorten machine downtime;

5. Improve productivity and product quality;

6. Reduce the labor intensity of testing and testing personnel;

7. Reduce unqualified products;

8. Improve machine utilization rate.

In fact, the history of automation technology is the gradual replacement of human machines. The human brain, limbs, senses and nerves can correspond to CPUs, motion controls, sensors and networks, respectively. However. human vision is increasingly inadequate in many cases. Compared with human vision, machine vision has the advantages of high speed, high precision, ultra vision, macro lens, objectiveness, no fatigue and environmental restrictions, etc.

Machine vision is often used for measurement, detection (such as presence detection, defective product detection, digital statistics, and defect detection), positioning, recognition (such as code reading and color recognition), etc. We will provide you with a wide field telecentric lenses, top-level lenses, and other high-precision machine vision industrial lenses. We have years of visual design experience, and the product quality is guaranteed with high cost performance. Our products are selling well in all walks of life.