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The Integration and Usability of Machine Vision Light Source System

The integration of machine vision system is a discipline that continues to gain momentum as new imaging technologies continue to develop.

The skillful integration of machine vision into automated applications has been a key success factor for this technology since the widely used commercial components were introduced 35 years ago.

In recent years, the machine vision industry has achieved record growth worldwide, with the increasing availability and capability of components for cutting-edge applications such as 3D guidance and metrology, spectral image analysis, high-speed inspection, deep learning, and more.

More than ever, an integrator company or an individual in an engineering team plays an important role in providing industrial users with a successful and reliable machine vision system solution.

1. The usability of machine vision

It starts with understanding the main intent of the integration mission and business of machine vision. That is, mitigating application risk for end users. In general, the completion of machine vision skills is not as widely understood by the entire industrial engineering community as PLC, motion manipulation, or even robotics. Our experienced integrator of machine vision technology fundamentally helps ensure the ultimate success and reliability of the project.

However, the demand for machine vision systems that do not require integration must be high. The usability of machine vision applications has always been a pain point for users and a goal for component and software manufacturers in the marketplace. In the mid-1980s, many machine vision components began to appear, which did not require low-level programming and had a user interface that made tooling easier to set up.

The explosive development of smart camera technology in the 1990s cemented the usability of machine vision. The result: many less demanding machine vision applications can be processed using components that require little or no equipment. New components have recently been released or introduced, purporting to be a general device that can eliminate the mission of machine vision using some applications.

2. The integration of machine vision

The machine vision integration business is now booming. With the machine vision component industry growing at record levels recently, the machine vision integration industry also appears to be showing a marked increase (however, the interesting thing is that hard data on machine vision integration is rarely collected on the market).

Some continued demand for integration services, even including so-called easy-to-use components, is a fundamental nature of machine vision implementation, which requires advanced knowledge about optics and lighting, etc., which is a challenge for areas of application that are not commonly found in standard industrial engineering disciplines.

However, demand for machine vision integration services continues to increase, in large part due to the continued and expanding demand for the completion of applications within industry, the most challenging to apply top-of-the-line machine vision skills.