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What Are the Classifications of Telecentric Lenses?

Ⅰ. The classifications of a telecentric lens

The telecentric lens types are mainly divided into the object-space telecentric lens, image-space telecentric lens and bi-telecentric lens.

Ⅱ. Introduction of different telecentric lens types

1. Object space telecentric lens

The object space telecentric lens places the aperture diaphragm on the image space focal plane of the optical system. When the aperture diaphragm is placed on the image-side focal plane, even if the object distance changes, the image distance also changes, but the image height does not change. There is no change, that is, the measured object size will not change. Object space telecentric lenses are used for industrial precision measurement, with minimal distortion, and high performance can achieve no distortion.

2. Image-space telecentric lens

The image space telecentric lens, by placing an aperture stop on the object focal plane, makes the chief ray of the image side parallel to the optical axis so that although the installation position of the CCD chip is changed, the projected image size on the CCD chip remains unchanged.

3. Bi-telecentric lens

The bi-telecentric lens combines the advantages of the above two telecentric lenses. In industrial image processing, generally, only object space telecentric industrial lenses are used. Sometimes there are telecentric lenses on both sides (of course the price is higher). In the field of industrial image processing/machine vision, the image space telecentric lens generally does not work, so this industry basically does not use it.