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What Are the Commonly Used Machine Vision Detection System Software?

Machine Vision System uses machines to replace human eyes for various measurements and judgments. It is an important branch of computer science that combines optics, mechanics, electronics, computer software and hardware technologies, involving multiple fields such as computer, image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, and optomechanical integration.

What does Machine Vision System refer to?

Machine Vision System refers to the use of machine vision products, i.e. image acquisition devices, divided into CMOS and CCD. It converts the captured object into an image signal, which is transmitted to dedicated image processing software, and then converts it into a digital signal based on pixel distribution, brightness, color, and other information. The image processing software performs various operations on these signals to extract the target features and then controls the actions of field equipment based on the recognition results.

With the booming development of China's manufacturing industry, China is becoming one of the regions with the dynamic development of international machine vision. The scope of large-scale applications of machine vision measurement and judgment has gradually expanded from industries such as electronics and pharmaceuticals to fields such as packaging and automobiles, with many applications in transportation, printing, and other industries.

Common machine vision detection software

1. Mvtechalcon Vision Software

Halcon is a comprehensive standard machine vision algorithm package developed by the German company MVtec, with a wide range of applications in machine vision integrated development environment. It saves product costs and shortens the software development cycle - Halcon's flexible architecture promotes the rapid development of machine vision, medical imaging, and image analysis applications.

2. OpenCV Machine Vision Software

OpenCV is a cross-platform computer vision library that can run on Linux, Windows, Android, Mac OS, and IOS operating systems; programming interfaces support: C, C++, python, MATLAB, Java, etc. Its biggest advantage is open source and can be used for secondary development.

3. Visionpro machine vision software

Visionpro is machine vision software developed by the American company Cognex; programming interfaces support C, C++, VB NET and other programming languages.

4. Mil machine vision software

Mil is machine vision software developed by the Canadian company Matrox; programming interfaces support C, C++, VB NET, and other programming languages.

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