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Detection Applications of PCB Board in Machine Vision

Application of Machine Vision in PCB Board

PCB board is an information carrier that integrates various electronic components, which is widely used in the field of electronics. Its quality is directly related to product quality. In order to ensure the quality of electronic products, defect quality inspection of PCB boards cannot be ignored. With the development of electronic technology, PCB boards have higher integration and smaller size, the traditional manual visual inspection can not meet the detection needs, and machine vision detection technology is widely used.

Machine vision inspection system converts detection of PCB boards into image signals through CMOS or CCD industrial cameras, which are transmitted to image software processing system, and transformed into digital signals according to pixel distribution, brightness and other information. The image software processing system then performs operations on these signals to extract target features and determine the detection results. The action of on-site equipment is controlled through the judgment results.

What are the machine vision detection applications of PCB boards?

Barcode recognition

Decode the barcode, laser engraving code and other codes on PCB boards, and manage product traceability in the later stage.

Character recognition

Defect detection of silk-screen and laser engraving characters on PCB boards, such as misprint, dirty, repeat, etc.

Appearance quality inspection

Defect detection of solder joint, missing components, pin and patch of PCB boards, such as patch adhesion, missing components, welding quality, surface dirt, etc.

Compared with traditional manual detection, machine vision not only has higher detection efficiency and accuracy, but also is non-contact detection, which can avoid secondary damage to products.

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