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Machine Vision System Promotes the Transformation and Development of Manufacturing Industry.

Machine Vision System

Machine vision system, also known as industrial vision system, is a principle of using machines to replace the human eye for measurement and judgment. Machine vision inspection refers to the machine vision product (i.e. image acquisition equipment, divided into CMOS and CCD) converting the collected object into an image signal, which is then processed into digital signal by a special image processing system based on pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information.

The image system performs various operations on these signals, extracts the features of the target, and then controls the device's actions in the scene based on the discrimination results.

Robots have been widely used in industrial production lines, especially in manufacturing. During this period, industrial robots were basically used to replace simple assembly work and were only suitable for specific designs without much scalability. With the integration of machine vision in the era of artificial intelligence, the application scope of robots has gradually expanded.

Currently, machine vision training is applied to industrial robots. Through machine learning, robots can recognize which part they are processing. This is a simple and effective application of machine vision learning.

Function development of machine vision inspection

In the field of industrial production, industrial machine inspection products heavily rely on machine vision inspection systems. This is mainly because the three key functions of machine vision inspection promote industrial development.

Positioning function

It can automatically determine the location of object products and output position information through a certain communication protocol. This function is used for automatic assembly and production, such as automatic assembly, automatic welding, automatic packaging, automatic filling, automatic spraying, and automatic execution mechanisms (robot, welding gun, nozzle, etc.).

Measurement function

The machine vision measurement can automatically measure the size of products, such as profiles, apertures, height, area, etc.

Defect detection function

This is one of the common functions of machine vision system, which tests the relevant information of the product surface, such as: whether the packaging is correct, whether there are errors in printing, whether there are scratches or particles on the surface, whether there are damages, whether there is oil and dust, whether the plastic parts are perforated, whether the injection is defective.

The widespread application of automated machine vision inspection systems has strong application value in repeatability and mechanical work in the manufacturing industry, greatly improving the level of industrial automation, helping enterprises achieve transformation, ensuring the stability of product quality, and also enhancing product competitiveness.

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