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Machine Vision System Enhances Intelligent Production in Enterprises

With the upgrading of smart manufacturing requirements and the increasing demand from customers, more and more film, new energy, PCB, and petrochemical companies are starting to use machine vision inspection systems to replace traditional manual product inspections, improving product quality, standardization, and competitiveness.

Machine vision systems for enterprise intelligence

Machine vision inspection is an intelligent inspection technology that uses intelligent machine vision to replace human eyes for product inspection, measurement, analysis, and judgment. It has the advantages of high degree of intelligence, strong information comparison, fast detection speed, high detection accuracy, support for uninterrupted detection, no fear of work intensity, and avoidance of secondary damage.

In the PCB electronic component industry, machine vision measurement is used for surface defect detection, residual inkjet character detection for coding machines, product damage detection, chip pin packaging integrity detection, component terminal pin status detection, and surface defect detection of PCB components, etc.

In the film industry, it is used for surface defect detection of PVC film, PE film, adhesive film, photovoltaic film, optical film, cast film, coating film, lithium battery insulation, and food packaging film, identifying particles, damage, holes, hair, and insects with a diameter of 0.01-2mm. According to the batch number, it automatically records information such as product defect images, size, and distribution, and then completes the product quality inspection classification.

More and more companies are choosing machine vision inspection technology to strengthen product defect detection, timely identify flawed products, effectively control product quality, and avoid recalls.

PCB welding machine vision defect detection system

During the production of PCB welding connectors, defects such as welding pin skew, missing pins, short circuits, virtual welding, and solder pad overheating and warping are prone to occur. However, manual inspections may result in missed or incorrect installation and solder pin detachment and disconnection.

In order to improve the speed and accuracy of detection, machine vision is used to replace manual inspections for online automatic detection of defects such as virtual welding, solder pad warping, and lack of solder.

Inspection content

Inspection of PCB welding quality, including defects such as pin skew, virtual welding, solder pad warping, and lack of solder.


Illuminate the front end of the PIN foot, use the caliper tool to capture the center of the PIN foot, calculate whether the spacing between the PIN feet is abnormal, and calculate the deviation interval between the PIN foot and the center of the solder pad. It can detect whether the PIN foot is prone to skew or missing.

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