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Introduction of Machine Vision Inspection Systems

1. Machine vision inspection is widely used

With the development of computer technology and Fieldbus technology, machine vision has become an indispensable product in modern processing and manufacturing. Machine vision inspection equipment has been widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, electronics manufacturing and automobiles. In many industries such as production and manufacturing, computer products are used to simulate human visual functionality to capture images quickly and accurately. After that, the images are transferred to the processing unit for digital processing and intelligent identification and finally used for actual inspection, measurement and control, with the characteristics of fast speed, large information capacity, and powerful functions, becoming indispensable products in the modern processing industry.

Based on its working characteristics of continuity and a large number of digital image processing, the machine vision inspection equipment has strict requirements on the durability, stability and image processing capabilities of the computer hardware used in it. It must be equipped with professional and reliable intelligent industrial control hardware equipment. 

2. Advantages of machine vision system

The machine vision system effectively integrates the detection technology of computer vision and image processing technology. It uses digital image processing as a detection method, recognizes objects through the machine rather than the human vision system, and then applies image processing methods to obtain effective information, such as surface layer morphology and various parameters.

Machine vision inspection technology can be applied to various industries related to control, measurement, inspection, etc., and can automatically obtain and analyze images of specified things through computers.

Nowadays, with the integrated development of computer technology and electronic circuit design, the reliability of machine vision is getting higher and higher.

The telecentric lens machine vision system adopts advanced hardware equipment and reasonable image processing algorithms, so when inspecting photoelectric elements, it can quickly complete the entire inspection process and obtain inspection conclusions in time.

The traditional vision method is affected by objective factors, and the accuracy of the detected products is not ideal. The processing process of the machine vision system is carried out by a computer, which greatly removes the accidental errors caused by artificial vision detection and ensures the detection accuracy of high-precision parts, as well as improves work efficiency.

The industrial camera, the core component of the machine vision inspection system, converts the detected target into an image data signal and transmits it to a dedicated digital image processing system. According to the pixel distribution area, brightness, color and other information, it is converted into a digital data signal. This signal carries out various operations to extract the characteristics of the purpose, and then outputs the result according to the preset tolerance and other necessary conditions, including size, angle, number, pass/fail and presence/absence, to achieve automatic detection functionality.