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What Are the Advantages of Machine Vision System?

The advantages of machine vision system include the following:

1. The high precision of machine vision

As an accurate measuring instrument, a well-designed machine vision system can perform spatial measurement on one of a thousand or more components. Because this measurement does not require contact, there is no wear and harm to fragile parts.

2. The continuity of machine vision system

The machine vision system can protect people from fatigue. As there are no human operators, there are no man-made operational changes. Multiple systems can be set to run independently.

3. The high cost efficiency of machine vision system

With the sharp drop in the price of computer processors, the cost efficiency of machine vision systems has also become higher and higher. A machine vision system with the worth of $10,000 can easily replace three human detectors, and each detector requires a salary of $20,000 per year. In addition, the operation and maintenance costs of the machine vision system are very low.

4. The flexibility of machine vision system

The machine vision system can perform a variety of different measurements. When the application changes, only the software needs to be changed or upgraded to meet new requirements.

Many companies applying statistical process control (SPC) are considering the application of telecentric lens machine vision systems to deliver continuous, coordinated, and accurate measurement SPC commands. In SPC, manufacturing parameters are continuously monitored. The control of the entire process is to ensure that these parameters are within a certain range. This allows the manufacturer to adjust process parameters when the production process is out of control or bad parts appear.

Machine vision systems are more adaptable than optical or machine sensors. They give automatic machines diversity, flexibility and reconfigurability. When it is necessary to change the production process, "tool replacement" for machine vision is only a software change rather than a replacement of expensive hardware. After the production line is reorganized, the machine vision system can be reused as usual.