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Machine Vision Lens & Illuminator

Since 2009, Canrill has provided more than 1700 kinds of high-performance telecentric lens and illuminators for machine vision systems. With the characteristics of extensive models, immediate delivery, cost-effective solutions and free customization service, Canrill can always be your first choice to select the most suitable machine vision lens and illuminators.

  1. Machine Vision Telecentric Illuminator

    9 types of telecentric illuminator covering the beam diameter from 20mm to 238mm, offering higher edge contrast, and is recommended for high accuracy measurement.
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  2. Non-Telecentric Lens

    Non-telecentric lens MH series is the latest series Canrill has developed in 2020, suitable for measurement and high-end positioning applications which do not require telecentricity. A supplement and replacement of FA lens and low resolution telecentric lens.
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  3. Microscope Objective Lens

    Canrill miscroscopy lens VM series adopt modular design, different combinations can realize different functions. Major module consists of main body, illumination, horizontal imaging module, mount and other special parts.
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  4. DMD Lithography Lens

    Canrill dual-waveband and tri-waveband LDI lens optimize the image quality completely and the transmittance, which is better than 80% during waveband from 360nm to 400nm while ensuring the image quality in the same time
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  5. Telecentric Lens Accessory

    Canrill offers different types of prism, controller and point illumination to support the use of our high performance lens. Whether you need to bend light for applications with space constraints, or point illumination matched with coaxial lens, Canrill has options to help you optimize your solution as much as possible.
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  • 11 Years' R&D Experience

  • 20+ Senior Researchers

  • 1um Accuracy

  • 1700+ Models

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 11 Years' R&D Experience

    11 Years' R&D experience on telecentric lenses and optics solutions for various applications since 2009, professional and experienced to offer existing or customized vision products for different industries.
  • 20+ Senior Researchers

    More than 20 senior researchers in both optical and mechanical fields ensure the upgrading of new series and unmatched lenses and optics technical service.
  • 1um Accuracy

    High resolution with the measurement accuracy as high as 1um of this kind of lens.
  • 1700+ Models

    More than 1700 models of the telecentric lens and other machine vision illuminator and lens products in the existing product line and this number keeps increasing per day.
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Canrill Optics guarantees a lifetime warranty for all machine vision products, replaces the new ones for non-human factors within 2 years, and lifetime maintenance for all types of optical lenses.

How Does Machine Vision Work?

Machine vision is the application of a camera or several cameras to check and analyze objects automatically. Machine vision systems mainly depend on the digital sensors in industrial cameras. There are equipped with technical optics to obtain external vision, thus the computer can process, analyze, and measure various features for decision making. Machine vision is preferred to be applied in an industrial environment due to its high efficiency. Lots of manufacturers use automated machine vision instead of human inspectors because it is better suited to repetitive inspection tasks. It is faster, more objective, and works continuously.

Custom Machine Vision Lens & Illuminator From Canrill

Canrill catalog or product list on the website only presents our most common models. Canrill also has an extensive of non-standard models in production. In addition, Canrill Optics offer customized machine vision lens or telecentric illumination device upon detailed request from customers. With rich experience both in optical design and mechanical engineering, and also our own optical factory and mechanical factory, Canrill is able to react fastest from design to prototype to mass production.

Canrill's record is 12 days to produce a completely new lens including design time.

Custom Machine Vision Lens & Illuminator From Canrill

Choose the Right Imaging Machine Vision Lens & Illumiator

  • There Are Three Basic Principles Of Lens Selection:

    • Lens Object FOV is a little larger than customer required FOV.

    • Lens Image FOV is equal or larger than camera sensor size.

    • Mag below 1X refers to low mag, above 1X refers to high mag.

  • There Are 3 Important Factors That Contribute In The Selection Process:

    • Image FOV, the sensor size of camera

    • Object FOV, the size of observed object

    • Working Distance

    By image FOV and object FOV, the magnification of the lens can be acquired, that is image FOV/Object FOV.

    Knowing the above, we can select a suitable lens from the existing product list.

  • Example:


    Sensor size: 5.7*4.3mm

    FOV: 60*40mm

    To pick a suitable lens, first to calculate the mag, 5.7/60=0.095X, 4.3/40=0.1075X.

    Lower mag will be picked so as to cover full FOV.

    From Canrill product line, Canrill fouth generation PTL series PTL-08 series is the most suiable, and the mag of XF-PTL09228 is 0.0847, is the closest figure to 0.095X.

    Thus XF-PTL09228 is selected.


Machine Vision System Applications

Canrill Optics provides the machine vision illuminator and lens products usually used in guidance, inspection, gauging and identification.

Visit here for more supports or any inquires about machine vision system.

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