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What Are the Advantages of Machine Vision Systems?

In modern industrial automation production, it involves various inspection, production monitoring and parts identification applications, such as dimensional inspection of spare parts batch processing, integrity inspection of automatic assembly, automatic positioning of electronic assembly line components, character recognition on IC, etc. The human eye cannot perform repetitive and highly intelligent tasks continuously and stably, and other physical measurement sensors are difficult to use. Machine vision systems are often used to meet these requirements.

1. High machine vision accuracy

As a single measuring instrument, a vision system is designed to be capable of spatially measuring one of a thousand or more parts. Because no contact is required for this measurement, there is no wear and no danger to fragile parts.

2. The continuity of machine vision

The visual system can save people from fatigue. Because there is no human operator, there is no human-induced operational change. Multiple systems can be set to run independently.

3. Machine vision is cost-effective

As computer processor prices have plummeted, machine vision systems have also become more cost-effective. A $10,000 vision system could easily replace three human detectors, each costing $20,000 a year. In addition, the operation and maintenance costs of the vision system are very low.

4. The flexibility of machine vision

Machine vision systems are capable of taking a variety of different measurements. When the application changes, only the software needs to be changed or upgraded to meet the new requirements.

Machine vision systems are more adaptable than optical or machine sensors. They give automatic machines versatility, flexibility and reconfigurability. When it comes to changing the production process, a "tool change" for machine vision is just a change of software, not expensive hardware. Vision systems can often be reused when production lines are restructured.

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