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To provide extensive optical solutions in machine vision optics systems, Canrill Optics, as a custom lens manufacturer, has been keeping developing, manufacturing and marketing telecentric lens for machine vision since 2009. In 2019 and 2020, Canrill Optics has successfully upgraded the telecentric lens to 4th generation PTL series and developed new series of non-telecentric Canrill lens.

Machine Vision Telecentric Lens

Full range of telecentric lens for guidance, inspection gauging, identification, covering most needs in precision telecentric applications by our richest product line and outstanding optical performance. Super fast and top-quality customization service is our strength.

Machine Vision Telecentric Illuminator

Specifically designed to back illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lens in vision systems, can remove border effects, improve DOF and telecentricity, and be less sensitive to alignment.
  • Non-Telecentric Lens

    Non-Telecentric Lens

    Non-Telecentric Lens
    New and latest MH series developed & marketed in 2020, feature in cost-effectiveness, suitable for those require high resolution and low distortion with low cost.
  • Microscope Objective Lens

    Microscope Objective Lens

    Microscope Objective Lens
    A set of modular industrial microscopic system based on infinity design, different combinations can realize different functions, suitable for ITO, partical detection, wafer inspection.
  • DMD Lithography Lens

    DMD Lithography Lens

    DMD Lithography Lens
    Canrill dual-waveband and tri-waveband LDI lens optimize the image quality and the transmittance.Customized solution is offered based on different requests.
  • Telecentric Lens Accessory

    Telecentric Lens Accessory

    Telecentric Lens Accessory
    Including prism, controller and point illumination, have been tested in combination with our lens to maximize performance.
About Canrill

Established in 2009, Canrill Optics is the first one to focus on the design, manufacturing & marketing of telecentric industrial camera lens in China, and the only one with a complete supply chain from optical parts to mechanical parts in industry lens all over the world.

As a professional optical lens company, Canrill Optics has kept upgrading with advanced technology and performance.

Our objective is to provide a top-level lens and a perfect camera lens selection and be one of the leaders in telecentric technology.

We are on the way.

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Canrill lens plays an important role in the total machine vision systems. The industry lens to the machine vision systems functions the same as the eyes to the human brain. They help to guide, inspect, gauge or identify parts or items.

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