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Application Advantage of Machine Vision Technology in Industrial Manufacturing

Ⅰ. Introduction to machine vision technology

Machine vision technology is an interdisciplinary subject involving artificial intelligence, neurobiology, psychophysics, computer science, image processing, pattern recognition, etc. Machine vision mainly uses the computer to simulate human visual function and extracts information from the image of objective things to process and understand it. It can be used for actual detection, measurement, and control. The most prominent characteristics of machine vision technology are fast speed, a large amount of information, and multiple functions.

Telecentric lens machine vision mainly uses the computer to simulate human visual function; however, it is not only a simple extension of human eyes but also has a part of the function of the human brain. It can extract information from the image of objective things and then process and understand it. Finally, it can be used for actual detection, measurement, and control.

Ⅱ. The advantages of machine vision technology in industrial manufacturing are as follows:

1. The product quality detection and real-time monitoring with higher reliability can be realized, which effectively avoids the subjectivity and individual differences in the process of manual detection;

2. The detection accuracy can reach the submicron level, breaking through the physical limits of human eyes and achieving the detection of the defects in the shape, label, integrity, and other aspects of the product in the whole life cycle;

3. Digital image processing and computer vision algorithm are continuously optimized, which provides more extensive and efficient detection functions on the software system level, and complements the detection ability of machine vision hardware system;

4. The detection personnel should not contact the tested objects directly to prevent the objects from being damaged by humans, avoid the consumption of mechanical parts of the detection system and maintenance cost, and prevent the objects from pollution;

5. Robot or manipulator using machine vision technology can grasp the workpiece intelligently according to the position and direction information provided by the machine vision system, which is widely used in food, medical pharmacy, and packaging industries, and expands the flexibility of production and manufacturing;

6. The operation time on site is reduced, effectively avoiding the hearing damage and the physical function decline of the operator and ensuring the operators' personal safety.