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Definition and Application of the Machine Vision System

1. What is a machine vision system?

Simply put, the machine vision system can replace people to make some measurements and judgments. In fact, machine vision belongs to a branch of computer science, and it is a very important branch.

Machine vision system technology integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and computer hardware technologies. It also involves technologies such as computer processing, image analysis, pattern recognition, and has outstanding contributions in artificial intelligence and signal processing!

2. Application range of the machine vision system:

Generally, machine vision has a wide range of applications. For example, on the production line, if humans are employed to do some tests and judgments, they will get tired after a long time. But we know that the machine will not be tired. As long as there is enough power supply, the machine can keep working for a long time steadily. Now general machine vision systems include lighting systems, industrial camera lenses, industrial cameras, processing technology of professional image. General telecentric lens machine vision systems can be roughly divided into image acquisition, image processing and control parts.

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