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What Are the Specifications for the Light Source Part of Machine Vision?

1. Ring light source for machine vision

The ring light source provides different illumination viewpoints and different color combinations, which can better highlight the three-dimensional information of the object. It has the advantages of a high-density LED array, and high brightness. Various compact designs can save installation space and they can handle the problem of illuminating shadows diagonally. Diffusing plate for the light guide is optional, and the light is evenly dispersed.

2. Strip light source for machine vision

The strip light source is the preferred light source for the large measured object with a square structure, and the colors can be adjusted and combined freely according to the needs. The illumination viewpoint and the device can be adjusted at will.

3. Coaxial light source for machine vision

The CO coaxial light source can eliminate the shadow caused by the uneven surface of the object, thereby reducing the interference. Some use spectroscope design to reduce light loss, improve imaging clarity, and evenly illuminate the surface of objects.

4. Point light source for machine vision

It has the advantages of high-power LED, small size, and high luminous intensity. It is an alternative to fiber-optic halogen lamps, especially suitable as a coaxial light source for lenses, etc. It is an efficient heat dissipation device, which can greatly improve the service life of the light source.

5. Linear light source for machine vision

It has ultra-high brightness, which uses a cylindrical lens to condense light, and is suitable for various continuous detection occasions in assembly lines.

6. Four-sided adjustable light source for machine vision

The four-sided adjustable light source consists of four independently controllable lighting units, each of which is freely adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees, and the brightness can be controlled independently.

7. Surface light source for machine vision

Surface light source: LEDs are evenly distributed at the bottom of the light source after optical optimization planning, and a uniform illuminating light is formed on the surface via special dispersion materials.

8. Plane shadowless light source for machine vision

By using a common light guide method and optical dispersion design, soft, uniform and diffuse lighting can be performed on glossy objects.

9. Dome light source/sphere integral light source for machine vision

High-brightness LEDs and a common illumination structure are selected, and the light emitted by the LEDs forms bright and uniform scattered light through the special diffuse reflection material in the spherical surface. The hemispherical inner wall with integral effect uniformly reflects the light emitted from the bottom 360 degrees, so that the illumination of the whole image is very uniform.

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