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The Era of Machine Vision Light Source Has Arrived!

In the 21st century, with the development of industrial automation, machine vision lighting has gradually improved and developed, and is being applied in various fields. However, many people are still relatively unfamiliar with this industry.

1. Machine vision lighting refers to the use of machines to replace human beings in measurement and judgment

The machine vision lighting system refers to the use of machine vision lighting products to convert the captured target into an image signal, which is then transmitted to a dedicated image processing system. Based on pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information, the system transforms the image into digital signals. The image system performs various calculations on these signals to extract the features of the target, and then controls the actions of the equipment on site based on the discriminatory results. Because the accuracy of machine vision measurement and judgment technology is higher than manual operations, it is gradually adopted by many enterprises.

2. The characteristics of the machine vision lighting system are to improve production flexibility and automation

In some dangerous working environments that are not suitable for manual work, or in situations where human visual inspection cannot meet requirements, machine vision lighting is often used to replace human visual inspection. At the same time, in large-scale industrial production processes, manual visual inspection of product quality is inefficient and not very accurate. The use of machine vision lighting inspection methods can greatly improve production efficiency and automation. In addition, machine vision lighting is easy to integrate with information, and is the basic technology for achieving computer integrated manufacturing.

As machine vision lighting is part of automation, there would be no machine vision lighting without automation. Machine vision lighting software and hardware products are gradually becoming core systems in different stages of collaborative production processes. Both users and hardware suppliers regard machine vision lighting products as tools for information collection on production lines, which requires the widespread use of "standardized technology". In other words, machine vision lighting should gradually open up along with the opening of automation and can be developed according to user needs.

Currently, automation companies are advocating for integrated software and hardware solutions. In the next 5-6 years, machine vision lighting system manufacturers should gradually move towards becoming system integrators of integrated solutions, rather than just illuminator machine suppliers.

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